Our design process

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Effigia’s jewelry is known as designer jewelry, and this is one of the attributes that contribute to the uniqueness and exceptional value of the brand. The process of designing our jewelry is filled with dedication and inspiration from the hands of the best professionals, which is why our brand stands out both within and outside the country. We would like you to know a little more about this process, so we invite you to learn in detail about the process of designing our gold jewelry.

Design Jewelry

Before we begin, it is important to say that design jewelry is unique and artistic pieces that stand out for their creativity, beauty, and originality. Each of our jewelry pieces is created from inspiration, a unique design, and they are handmade, giving them immeasurable value and exclusivity. In the construction of each piece, great attention is paid to detail, not only to ensure that the manufacturing follows the designed guidelines but also to take care of the materials used in it, such as gemstones, following the highest standards of fine jewelry. That’s why each Effigia jewelry piece reflects a different beauty and story, but always within the best quality. It is often said that each piece of jewelry has a first and last name because the designer and the goldsmith imprint a bit of their essence in the jewelry.


A key element within design jewelry is the inspiration behind each piece and collection. At Effigia, we usually draw inspiration from various sources. The first step is to identify the colors of the season, which we obtain from Pantone Based on that, we develop an initial impression of the themes we evoke in our next collection and/or piece. Next, we study the trends within the industry for each season, using references such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. This step guides us even more about what will inspire us for that future design to be carried out. By combining the trending colors and types of jewelry, a first idea of what our next collection will be like is born. However, what will be decisive for our team when starting the design process will be our own experiences and the themes that make us feel beautiful and inspired. For example, last year we released a collection inspired by the Greek islands. The inspiration for its design was not only a combination of colors and trends but also a collection of memories evoked while strolling through the streets of Santorini, where inspiration overflows, and Greek architecture. Finally, it is also important to know that among all the things that inspire us to create the initial designs for each collection, the first thing we always have in mind is to make our clients feel unique, beautiful, and special.


The next step in this process is the design itself. Effigia has a team of dedicated designers who put all their creativity, emotion, and passion into each sketch. Once the collection and/or piece’s theme is chosen, the team of designers starts hand-designing each and every piece. Once the design is complete, the necessary measurements are taken to ensure that the piece is made to its exact size. Once this step is finished, the process is handed over to the stone carvers and professionals responsible for hand-setting each piece. We recommend that you take a look at our blog about stone carvingto learn more about the process of our gold jewelry. Feel free to contact us for a personalized consultation and/or to resolve any questions you may have. We will be delighted to assist you. We will be happy to assist you.  

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