Nebula Collection


Welcome to a universe of futuristic elegance and charm! At Effigia Jewels, we are excited to present our newest creation, the Nebula collection, which redefines jewelry for the Fall – Winter 2023 season. Join us on this fascinating journey through time and space, where each piece of jewelry is a timeless masterpiece.


Exploring Trends

Our journey begins with an in-depth analysis of fashion trends and evolving consumer behavior. Inspired by the colors of 2023 and estimates for 2024, as well as their complementary colors. Based on the consumer behavior inclination for this season, who are looking for a feeling of balance and connection with their communities, a sense of rest and meditation that is even reflected in making smart purchases, leaving aside impulse buys.




Fashion Trends Fused in Timeless Jewelry

The Fall-Winter 2023 season highlights trends such as transparencies, leather, belts, corsets, floral and fruity embroidery, glitter or metallic fabrics and the use of loose or textured garments. At Effigia, we took these trends directly from the runways and merged them into the conceptualization of the Nebula collection, ensuring that each piece of jewelry complements any outfit and has a timeless design.






Nebula: A Journey through Time and Space in Jewelry

After the initial research phase, Effigia’s design team makes a proposal to define the concept of the new collection.


From Concept to Inspiration

Defining the concept is essential and for the Fall-Winter 2023 season, the Nebula collection fuses the nostalgic charm of bygone eras with a bold vision of the future.

With a creative approach based on retro-futurism that combines elements of the past with futuristic visions, creating a unique aesthetic that evokes both nostalgia and a sense of anticipation, possibility, imagination and fantasy.

Inspired by the constructivism movement and the Triadic Ballet, the collection plays with space, perspective and volume to create true works of structural art that are functional and usable.


Design and Elements

Nebula takes shape with pure geometric elements, orbits, and straight structures that form asymmetrical and bold compositions. The design is highlighted by the fusion of rhodium-plated pavé details with the predominant use of precious and semi-precious stones, creating monumental pieces that are a manifestation of the creative vision of Effigia’s team.




Featured Pieces from the Collection

We invite you to explore some of the jewels of our new collection, where each piece tells the story of the hard work and dedication of our team. Discover the Nebula collection and marvel at the universe of futuristic charm we have created for you.




At Effigia Jewels, each piece of jewelry is a testament to timeless elegance, ready to be part of your story. For more information and/or personalized attention, do not hesitate to contact us.

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