5 Curiosities about the Amethyst

What is the Amethyst stone?

Amethyst is a semi-precious stone that belongs to the quartz family and is a mineral of magmatic origin. It forms in veins (mineral-filled fissures in the Earth’s crust) rich in iron oxide and at temperatures below 300°C. Different geodes can produce varying shades of amethyst depending on their extraction location. The purple color can vary based on the iron content in its composition.

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How can you tell if an amethyst is real?

Amethyst, being part of the quartz group, has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, indicating that it is quite durable. You can test its authenticity by scratching glass with it. The glass will be scratched, but the amethyst will remain unharmed.

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What are the properties of the Amethyst?

Amethyst is known to provide emotional calmness when in contact with the skin. It is believed to help restore inner peace, eliminate mental blocks, and enhance creativity and imagination. It is the birthstone for people born in February, making it a perfect stone to carry if it’s your birth month.

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4. Why is it called Amethyst?

Its name comes from the Greek “Amethystos,” which was the name of a beautiful Greek maiden whom the god Dionysus pursued but was not reciprocated. One day, in desperation, Amethystos sought the help of the goddess Artemis to escape the advances of the god of wine. Artemis turned her into a white crystal to hide her. However, Dionysus found her and, unable to reverse Artemis’ enchantment, he humiliated poured wine over the crystals, turning them purple and giving amethyst its color.


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Amethyst within the Jewelry spectrum

Did you know that amethyst is widely used in the world of jewelry? It is often used prominently in rings since its high hardness poses no risk to the stone. However, we always recommend taking care of your jewelry, as finding an exact match for an amethyst can be challenging. At Effigia, we combine amethyst with 18K yellow gold, creating a stunning contrast and brilliance, as seen in this beautiful piece:


With the current trend of pastel tones, you can pair your favorite outfits with this amethyst bracelet.



Remember that at Effigia, you can also customize your jewelry. We invite you to contact us to explore the amethysts in our collection or to create your dream piece with our team.


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