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At Effigia Jewels, we are pleased to present our newest creation, the Warmi collection, which redefines jewelry for the Spring – Summer 2024 season. In this captivating line, we have woven a timeless tale that celebrates the very essence of our identity. ‘Warmi’, which means ‘woman’ in Quichua, embodies the deep connection to our roots and femininity. Join us on a journey of discovery as we explore the elevated fusion of contemporary elegance and ancestral heritage that defines Warmi.

Exploring Trends

Our journey begins with an in-depth analysis of fashion trends, inspired by the colors of 2024, as well as runways from the most influential global fashion houses. In addition, we
take as a basis the trend of consumer behavior this season. We observe the existence of a growing need for dopamine and a feeling of well-being, flexibility and security, which has
generated an evident yearning for joy in lifestyles and global aesthetic sensibilities. It is essential to generate wonder, confidence, and a sense of connection through values, tradition, and brand essence.



Fashion Trends Fused into Timeless Jewelry

The Spring – Summer 2024 season highlights trends such as transparencies, loose pieces with volume and texture, belts, bangs, knots, contrasts, asymmetry, monochromatic looks, gold, pastel colors and maximalism. At Effigia, we took these trends straight from the runways and merged them into the conceptualization of the Warmi collection, ensuring that each piece of jewelry has a timeless design, complements any outfit and tells a story.



Warmi: A Tribute to Our Ancestral Heritage and Contemporary Elegance

After the initial research phase, Effigia design team makes a proposal to define the concept of the new collection.

From Concept to Inspiration

In 2024, we are experiencing a technological evolution as revolutionary as that of the 1980s, and several trends from this decade have returned to stay for this season. As part of the conceptualization process, a thorough study of the era was conducted, revealing that the creation of pixel icons was inspired by the art of embroidery. This is where the creation of our new collection takes shape.


Defining the concept is essential and for the Spring – Summer 2024 season, the WARMI collection fuses the tradition of Ecuadorian embroidery and the aesthetics of the 80’s with contemporary technological advances. Each piece of jewelry is a unique synthesis of past and present, where classic elegance meets modern innovation. Inspired by the free and bold expression of women, this collection captures the essence of individuality and limitless creativity.

Design and Elements

Warmi features pieces that incorporate geometric shapes to reflect the digital world and organic forms that pay homage to the art of embroidery. In addition, it highlights the use of pastel colors and elements with transparencies.
It is a reference of contemporary craftsmanship, where classic silhouettes are used with extravagant but faithful twists that honor the past and celebrate it through an avant-garde
perspective, promising an unparalleled piece that endures over time.


Collection Highlights

We invite you to explore some jewelry from our new collection, where each piece is a tribute to the beauty, strength, and grace of women, and the rich cultural heritage that defines us. Discover the Warmi collection and connect with your roots through an elevated fusion of elegance and ancestral heritage that we have created for you.



At Effigia Jewels, each piece of jewelry is a testament to timeless elegance, ready to be part of your story. For more information and/or personalized attention, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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